Optimize Your Indoor-Outdoor Flow to Improve Party Space

Wooden table and chairs on open terrace in modern villa house

January 4, 2016

When hosting a house party, a host should never neglect the outdoor space. As long as the weather permits, the outdoor space adds a significant amount of space where guests can roam and hang out around. Between the front yard, indoors, and back yard, each space can practically represent its own unique party. However, the path between each space usually has doors in the way, representing bottlenecks that can cram up space. Hosts would always love to double or triple the size of the house to accommodate more people or at least make it more comfortable for them to enjoy the increased space. However, having too much space means more to clean up, and hosts would prefer to have a nice cozy home to live in between parties. Crafty hosts should optimize indoor-outdoor space for function and efficiency.

Outdoor spaces adjacent to your primary entertaining rooms add value to your home and provide more space for people to move around in. Thus you will want to design these spaces well to make it easier for guests to move around in. Using both the indoors and outdoors does not necessarily innovate, but having an open-floor plan creates more space to entertain and allow your guests to feel more comfortable. For example, furniture arranged around a perimeter instead of in the middle of a yard opens the space up for guests to roam. A larger opening to the outdoors than just sliding doors invites guests to venture outside to take advantage of the outdoor space. Especially with the back yard, a bigger opening can turn into a great investment that not only adds great value to your home, but allures guests to check out the back yard. Large pocket or accordion doors can clear space while creating a visual barrier. Simply opening these doors can instantly double your space.

When planning the design of the outdoor space, plan it as you would indoor space because you want an outdoor space that you would want to spend as much time in as the indoor space. If the land and space allow for it, plan your space under a patio roof. A covered outdoor area doubles as an outside room without ignoring the outdoors. As an additional room, you will not want to obstruct it physically or visually. Try to keep the spaces on the same level to make the outdoor space flow into the home. If you cannot achieve this due to the house’s build or the land, make sure the steps can accommodate multiple people. Otherwise, consider matching flooring material between the inside and outside. For example, use the same tile material for the outside floor and the floor or the room that it connects to. If the outdoor space has a view, arrange your contemporary outdoor furniture and indoor furniture to take advantage of the view. Orient the indoor furniture to look outside through the adjacent outdoor space. As long as you optimize your house for space, your home will have more value based on its function than aesthetics. An efficient design does not cost any more to construct than stylish design, but it feels so much better to live in.

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