Outdoor Barstools

Diner Stools

When it comes to outdoor patio furniture, an outdoor barstool is one of the items that can’t be ignored. This is because it beautifully complements the entire furniture and delivers a sophisticated and elegant look. However, many people mistakenly buy outdoor barstool without examining certain factors before they make purchase. The random purchase of barstool will not just be expensive but will also be uncomfortable for you and your guests. Hence, in this article, we will help you determining those buying factors.

Height measurement

You should measure from the base to the bottom of the counter surface. Minus around 10 inches then to examine the optimal seat height. Counter heights usually fall under the range of 23 to 27 inches. Counter height bar stools are used for a counter height bar, which is almost 36 inches tall. The bar height is generally under 28 to 32 inches height. Bar height stools are used for the tables that have 41 to 43 inch height. In addition, spectator or stadium height lies in between 33 and 36 inches. These barstools are combined with tables having height of 44 to 47 inches.

Width measurement

Generally, the outdoor barstool is available in 15, 17 and 21 inch seat diameter. But, the stools having arms might have a broader footprint and should be considered in the measurements you are taking. Measure the width of bar space and account for 6 inches in between every stool for movement. This would also facilitate you determining the number of stools needed.

Features determination

Barstools come with or without armrests, seat back, and are swivel or non swivel, and stationary or adjustable. A minimum arm clearance of 1 and a half inches is recommended for all barstools.

Style determination

The style can be commercial or residential and modern ort traditional. With a lot of options, you can determine the style that suits the space you have in the most effective way.

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