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Examining Beijing Bars

Beijing BarBeijing is a city of mystery and beauty. Only those who intensely study the area know anything about it at all. Therefore it’s also a fountain of inspiration for designers who want to learn from a new perspective. It’s also a popular subject in many movies and television shows because many people love to romanticize the exciting area. That part of the dream is true, Beijing is certainly an exciting place to live and learn in.

Many sites list off these bars but do not go into what makes Beijing really special. It’s a city full of life and love but also one that pushes the boundaries. It holds charm that we cannot describe with mere words and is a great place for bar owners to draw ideas from.

Some bars like “The Orchid” recall a simpler time as well. They have a small wine-orchard setting where people can enjoy the colloquial style of the area. It’s also a simple setting without all of the modern settings that everyone sees in other bars. Sometimes keeping things easy and small-scale is the best way to insure you can draw in a different crowd.

Food and drink also set the area apart. While there are certainly influences from all over the world there is also obviously a hint of oriental culture in many places. Floral wines with light tastes are just a small part of the charm that sets the entire area apart for those who visit and enjoy themselves. All the greatest cities in the world have their own form of special style like this as well, which tourists love to take in.

Speaking of florals the ambient temperature and exotic nature of the area also accent any outdoor furniture people put up there. While it’s not the only place in the world where this happens it certainly stands out for those who love the setting. For many it creates a natural look with highly modern buildings which you simply cannot see anywhere else in the world. Rooftop bars are a big part of the charm as well.

All outdoor dining tables are maintained to a high standard in the best bars there. Patrons receive an incredible view of the city while lounging back in the latest furniture from around the world. In many ways you could walk into a bar here and be unable to tell a difference from one in New York. It’s a really cosmopolitan setting for those in the upper crust of society. They experience nothing but the best at all times.

Another bit of the charm is that on the cheaper end of the area you also have smaller pubs. There are many small businesses that fit right in with the average worker looking to get a nice drink. Bar owners can rest assured that no matter how amazing your city is there will always be a place for the local pub. This holds true no matter where you go in the world. It’s an inspiring and unifying part of design that we really appreciate and you should too.



Creating a Cultural Gathering Spot

Cultural Wine BarYour bar can become the intellectual and cultural center of your town, no matter where you are. But how do you create a design which draws people in like this? The way to do this differs depending on who you have nearby but it’s possible no matter what. It can draw a lot of new attention to your outdoor bar furniture and other items while bringing in a decent amount of money every month. So how do you do it?

Before you do anything with this you need to figure out who the deep thinkers are in your area. Are they average people who like to discuss things casually? Rich intellectual elite who want to sip on wine while lounging back? Or are they hipsters who simply want to discuss a short story they wrote? Finding those who want to sit back with a drink, some conversation and thought is essential to actually figuring out how you need to design everything.

When buying contemporary outdoor furniture for this sort of setting you can do almost anything you would want, just keep it comfortable. Keep your audience in mind and figure out everything from drink placement to where they will look when discussing things in a group. Once you understand all of these factors it’s incredibly easy to manage all of this.

There is of course a risk factor in doing this though. You’ll be pushing some people out who just want to enjoy themselves without a social gathering. But on the other hand, it is a bar. Unless you are having a social gathering something is probably wrong. You can’t really go to a bar looking for seclusion and isolation so you will probably just have to offend some people when it comes to this.

Be sure to ask your patrons as always, what they want to see in furniture and events. By creating the exact events they are looking for you can really bring people in constantly. Unless you’re bringing in new blood pretty often you can’t expect to stay in business. It’s a simple part of the business you probably already know about. You may find out that they want to mix styles as well.

Some locations center everything on this community. You can plan everything around a group focus but it has to feel natural. If people feel like it is not their choice to hang out and celebrate cultural events then they aren’t going to go for it. If the bar design feels forced then people simply are not going to buy any of this. They’ll simply move on when they feel like you are pushing them into things that they never signed up for.

You can also go with non-traditional celebrity appearances of noteworthy authors or speakers. It’s a very different take that only works with a highly upscale bar but it can bring in quite a lot of people and give you a huge amount of publicity in the meantime as well. It’s a good solution for those with the influence or money to bring in some big names.

What London’s Bars Share


Famous London BarSomething all of the top bars in London share, with the exception of a few legendary pubs, is a view. Having a raised or rooftop area to look out upon the ancient architecture is extremely useful. It helps you give average people a new look at the area and those who really appreciate fine architecture and design can also appreciate all of this as well.

Many of them also have an aspect of novelty, from a radio bar to a “rumpus room”. This is nothing new with bars around the world but all the top spots for tourists have something to set themselves apart from the absolutely massive crowd.

A rich history runs through many of these bars as well. For a City and Country with so much history this is very important. Because when you have hundreds of years added to your design and atmosphere it brings something special to the area. While it’s not something unusual in Europe it is worth noting. New bars have to actually really work hard to get in when you have so many amazing settings already in place.

Tourist appeal is also essential for so many different reasons. No matter where you are if you are in a big city you will need to appeal to this demographic here and there. They make up a big part of your overall profits.

Every design website worth any of your time has some piece on this. In this case multiculturalism is the drawing factor for many bars. For example the Courtyard Garden is less bar, more Japanese Garden. If you feel that your own designs are becoming stale and you’re bored with them then try to look into some other cultures.

Remodeling is a normal part of all these addition. It’s a normal way that many locations keep things fresh and set up repairs as well.

Outdoor Bar Stools in some areas also appeal to the high fashion of Britain. This is the paradox of the culture, as you’ll find people who celebrate the highest art in one bar and others who might have a fight to go along with their drink. It’s an atmosphere unique to the United Kingdom.

Extremes are another aspect that bar furniture and design share in the United Kingdom. Those in the area like things to be either incredibly clean or quite comfortable and maybe a bit worn. Some bars even have items which are damaged or even a bit dirty. That’s how their patrons like it and you should shoot for one extreme or the other. It’s the best way to make people feel like they really fit in at a place.

The final, and perhaps most important aspect, is that there is so much competition here. United Kingdom dwellers lover to drink, as everyone knows, not that many other parts of the world do not. However since there are so many brews, and bars, the competition is incredibly fierce. It’s not easy to stay afloat in many places unless you’re the only place to drink in the area. So design and other factors create a better sort of outdoor bar in many parts of the City.


Designing with Patio Limits in Mind

Impressive small Patio DesignMany cities have terribly restrictive limits on what you can put on your patio. It’s quite common in cities where space is at a premium. Many more of them also decide to enact this when they see their growth go up, up and up again. This happens all the time and new laws are added every month to change things up. Ever level of government has a different level of law and you can even end up with several different layers as well.

City officials will enforce this with fines, even if it makes them rather unpopular in the area. For many this is an additional revenue source that they need in order to keep their budget balanced. Unfortunately, as it is with so many little laws, your loss is their gain. The more fines they can levy upon you the more money they will make. Therefore there isn’t much reason for them to leave you alone in this area.

Make sure that you continually check up on any laws in your area that could come up. And also with any trends that are happening in design right now which lend themselves to smaller items. This is the best way to avoid the many problems which arise from all of this.

Some people attempt to have the laws changed due to outrage. This isn’t an option for many of us. Whether they are often successful with it varies from area to area. There is also the option to simply let them levy all the fines on you and just pay them off. It’s not for everyone but those with a lot of money can simply do this because they are making much more money on the other end.

Fortunately there are many different ways to adjust your outdoor furniture and patio areas to this sort of thing. Both in normal settings and in those outside of the traditional setup you can expect to have many options in this area so don’t worry too much.

Sometimes this can actually be a good thing, when less is more with some of your clients for example. Every now and then there are people who really love to sit in smaller settings.

Patio Furniture can get a bit excessive at times. So much so that it becomes a fire hazard, but very few laws are actually meant to curb this. It’s meant to generate revenue or cause problems for those that people do not like. It’s all politics when it comes to restrictions like this and there is little you can do to avoid it.

While you may hope that the law is reversed it doesn’t usually work this way. It’s much better to design around the Curfew. Fortunately with the new materials and seating that come out each year you can fit just about anything into a very small section. This is because we can create smaller and smaller items constantly. It’s that simple and we’ll constantly see even more items like this enter the market as well.




Advantages to Reservations in Trendy Bars

Exquisite BarWe’ve discussed the advantages of reservations before but today we’ll be talking about how some bars make money, much more money than usual, by using this effectively. It is how you manage to make up the extra money you are missing out on in order to stay in business during these trying times where competition can put you out of business very quickly. So how do you make your customers comfortable with this? We’ll be discussing that as well.

When first designing your reservations they should come with some added service or other bonus that makes them worthwhile. At times this simply means you have to continue building on everything you offer. Unless you can do something better than anyone else in the city you don’t stand a chance of keeping reservations. People simply won’t pay for them.

Exclusivity is sometimes the best way to draw people. When paired with novelty it is often an unstoppable force for drawing in new patrons. It is how all the biggest and most amazing bars got their start and evolved into the massive organizations which they are today. Because of this you should probably look into things like this as well. It’s really that simple.

The only drawback is that you need to make people feel like they are paying for quality and are getting more of it from what they spent. Therefore you should have regular events like special menus or even wine tastings for your customers. They need to feel like they are the most important people in the world to you. For many of our readers we would wager that you already feel that way about them anyway.

It also obviously breeds an air of exclusivity that some people actually go out just to experience. They come more for that than the food or even the conversation. It’s a bit odd but quite common in many social circles for this to happen.

Fire Pit Tables are also really important for many novel settings like this. They add a little bit of extra charm so that you can justify your reservations. As long as people think they are getting their money’s worth they will gladly pay a bit extra.

Cuisine is also a huge factor that helps people enjoy your outdoor furniture even more. As always atmosphere is the key here and having some impressive dishes from a great staff can really contribute to that in so many different ways. If possible you may even want to sync up your menu with the decorations at times, especially around the holidays.

All of this adds up to more money for you on the bottom line. It is of course only suitable for expensive bars where everyone is chasing the latest fashions. You won’t be seeing any of this come up at a local family bar that people come to relax at.  It does fit in with some Parsons Modern though. So if yours fits with that style then you should definitely look into this to get the most out of your establishment.



What Sets Paris Bars Apart

Outdoor Bar in ParisParis is the city of light and love. Although much of that is just marketing, it is obvious that there is a certain charm to the nicer parts of the area. We’ll be talking about what sets bars in there apart. Several elements go into this that you can use in your own setting in order to really wow people or even make them feel like they have been transported to Paris themselves. It’s quite easy to do all of this once you know what sets it apart.

Many bars have one thing in common, open layouts that focus on nature. Communal areas where people can make memories with each other are extremely important. Indeed, they are a big reason behind all the nostalgia behind this area that drives so many tourists to come in and try to make their own memories as well.

What people don’t know about Paris is that you don’t magically become famous and amazing by being there. It has a share of poor establishments with ugly furniture and rude service. These come and go but no city is perfect and the fact that Paris is built up so massively in literature as well as movies sets expectations high for them.

On that note high expectations are something that sets them apart from practically everyone else when it comes to their standards. The greatest bars and restaurants here are some of the best in the world, much like you would find in other important cities like Tokyo and New York. This competition creates a race to the top for the greatest decorators and business owners and insures that worse ones do not manage to rise all the way to the top. They redefine themselves every year.

Outdoor Furniture is quite flexible as well. It could be anything from traditional seating to just a few benches in a massive, open area. If you run a business or own a large tract of land you may want to consider turning a huge portion of it into your own massive outdoor room. Just doing this by itself can add an extra touch to your outdoor furniture that grabs the eye and makes people feel like they are in a place that can be seen nowhere else in the world.

Despite not being the perfect city shown in media it is a part of the world where many people are innovating constantly. This constant innovation keeps things fresh in the art world and pushes people to put out more outdoor furniture than ever before. Because of this it’s clear that this is a big driving force.

If you want to go the easy route you can simply get some French-themed furniture and dishes in order to create the setting are looking for. Depending on how popular such designs are in your area you could even use it to stand out in a setting which has many other, common-looking restaurants or bars. It can really work for you if people have not seen this before in your area.

Managing “Curfew” Bans at a Bar

Typical Bar with a CurfewCurfews are becoming more and more popular when it comes to bar areas. It’s obvious that crime goes up in the later, or early, hours of the day when visibility is low and criminals enjoy picking off easy targets. You could even see something like this happen in your own area so it’s important to keep in mind. What can you do to protect yourself and still make a profit despite losing out on some lucrative hours? We’ll discuss this as well.

Revitalizing your bar to draw in more people at select hours is the first step that you need to take. Since you cannot simply continue serving past the curfew you need to draw people very quickly by bringing them in at the hours you need the most. So be sure to select new items in your outdoor bar furniture area. If you want to cater to the after-work crowd have some comfortable seating and good drinks. If you want to cater to the sports crowd go with some booths and flat screens, even outdoors.

Your Outdoor Furniture selections should not change very much. It should already be resilient and comfortable or stylish as your bar prefers. You may need to replace it less if you are having few rowdy clients cause damage your items because they’ve had a bit too much to drink. So that’s actually a plus to the curfew. It may not make up for the money you will be losing but it is not all bad.

In some cases if the curfew takes out the majority of your patrons a total redesign of your establishment may actually be in order. We hope that this never happens to you but it is something you can handle without a ton of trouble if you are forced to do it. Be sure to look for other bars that went out of business or even in consignment stores so that you can actually find the very best price. You don’t want to break the bank on that unless you have money to burn.

If you have a high-end bar then you probably won’t have to change anything anyway. Just keep things as they are.

Bans like this are even happening in Florida quite often. If you are in a party town you could be at risk here. Be sure to keep track of all this and make sure that you won’t have to change your setting anytime soon. Otherwise it may catch you by surprise and cause a huge number of problems for you down the road.

The other change you may want to invest in is having fewer items for heavy drinkers. With the curfew in place you’ll probably see much less use for giant mugs and beer bongs. While you may want to keep a few around you’ll only probably need 1 or 2 since the party crowd will cut down in many ways.

There are some legitimate concerns when it comes to safety here. Police are concerned with people getting a bit too drunk and either really hurting themselves or hurting someone else. It happens all the time. So be sure to keep your people safe in addition to providing them with beautiful furniture.

Making Concrete Stylish in a Bar

Concrete Bar ExampleConcrete is on the rise in design today. But presented at base level it can feel a bit cold and uncomfortable. So how do you make this work in a bar? There are many ways to set it up correctly. There are also many ways to cause problems for your customers by misusing it so we’ll be looking at both sides of the equation so that you can see the reward and risk factors in this special situation.

Outdoor Furniture can also be made in concrete but needs special additions. Pairing it with other materials can really help things. For example a wood bar connected with concrete sections not only insures that you have an incredibly durable area but also that it gives a singular, amazing look that you cannot get by just simply having one material there.

By far the biggest advantage of using concrete is that you can pour it to almost any shape. If you have a custom designer they can make sure it’s poured into the exact sort of mold that you would like. Hiring an artist to handle all of this can be expensive but it’s often very useful. It’s easy to see why you would want to do something like this.

The obvious drawback is that, at base, it is neither beautiful nor comfortable. Adding cushions, covers or even a coat of paint can easily help fix all of this. It’s a simple fix that works very easily. If you decide not to do any of this you could end up driving people off from your setting because they aren’t interested in dealing with a cold, uncomfortable setting. It’s a risk you take with any new design and you can’t be afraid to fail.

The quality of this material has gone up significantly from where it was in the past. So you can rest assured that it’s an investment which will last for years. It won’t take a ton of money either because even the best molds of all this will not break the bank for you. So if you need to save on some massive style this is the best possible way to do it.

When looking at decorating your own bar you should also take notes from others. Concrete Beach Brewery used several pieces of advice which we gave you. While they obviously have the singular material as the focus they added many different touches which made the whole package look much better.

The great thing about concrete is that you can very easily take over a different establishment and fill it with new outdoor furniture. Since it is so durable even years after everything was poured in it can stay looking great. Due to this you can easily take over a warehouse or other bar. It’s very easy to re-finish such an area and re-use it as well.

By combining all the cushioning and small additions you can create a truly unique setting for your bar that stands out while still keeping your wallet secure.


Examining the Treasure Island Redesign

Treasure Island ExteriorThe Treasure Island Resort and Casino is one of the most famous spots to vacation and relax with a drink in the entire world. Recently they’ve decided to redesign their entire establishment. They are far from the first bar/resort to do this but it’s always important to keep examples like this in mind. For many it’s a sort of redesign that they could never hope to afford but that’s what makes it rare and interesting. So we’ll be looking at how and why they are doing all of this today.

Demand is of course the driving factor for this. With a more peaceful world than we’ve ever had in the past and more money to burn, people want to enjoy life. They want to spend huge amounts of money on expensive drinks at a bar and lounge back on luxurious outdoor furniture. As long as things keep going in this direction we’ll continue to see demand for things like this rise as well, long into the future.

Their restaurant outdoor furniture and other fixtures have been heavily upgraded of course. New finishes and massive repairs have become a part of this massive redesign. Fees for all of this can really add up over the years or even come in one big burst if you decide to replace as many items as they have done in this situation. A loan may be in order in some cases.

Additional amenities are a big draw here as well. A fitness center, spa and salon are all part of the new updates. If you run a bar of any sort or a vacation resort this is essential. It’s all the little perks, the bells and whistles, which really impress people and generate positive word of mouth for any establishment. If you cannot think of any then you should go over your current installation.

Water features are a huge part of all this as well. Slides, lazy rivers and zero depth pools are all important features here. Having a place to cool down is especially important for areas with high temperatures. People will head to any area that offers a bit of relief from the brutal sun when the temperatures shoot through the roof.

The upgrades are coming at the cost of $19 million. So it’s not for those without a lot of money to burn on an amazing addition. If you run a resort them you may end up spending some amount of money like this very easily. Be sure to watch your spending if you have any sort of setting like this as well.

The final lesson is that you need to have enough space to actually do your best design work as well. Unless you have a lot of space for a large bar or resort atmosphere you just aren’t going to get things done. While small settings can work for some apartments and casual bars it’s not the sort of thing you need for the massive, large-scale projects that the most productive people need.


Looking at the Spare Key

The Spare Key LogoThe Spare Key is a small bar themed just for that, a spare key logo on the wall for one. Small bars like this are extremely popular today as they have been in the past. So how do you bring that same appeal with your design? If you’re going for a specific look then it’s easy and you can fairly easily implement it in your own building as well. It’s creating the total package and mixing everything together that can be very difficult as well.

As for the Spare Key specialty drinks are what set it apart. Most of them are out-of-the-ordinary and push the limits of what people expect. You would do well to do the same for your own drinks and perhaps even pair each one with a room or piece of furniture that knocked out expectations and really amazes anyone who uses it. Surprising your audience is essential both for artists and business owners.

One part of this style is that it needs to be lived in. Having a few marks or worn-down areas on a chair or table can actually give it a wonderful charm. It’s something that you can’t pay for but you can get over time. You may even want to look into some items which have been used with other establishments as well. You can often find these at auctions and other special settings.

Originality is also a big deal. In the case of your furniture this means having a sign and a few other pieces which no one else has. All your aspects from the lighting to the simple placement of each item are things you need to work on. Be sure to study the local style and make sure that you do not copy anyone else. This can be difficult if they are setting their places of business up in a similar manner because it is what people want in the area.

Inspiration from their customers is just one of many areas that they draw their work from. Be sure to take their comments so that you can fully understand what they want. It’s how you manage to keep your business going after catering to their tastes.  Cedar can be a classy choice for this style of bar as well.

As with many establishments they go with a subtle outdoor arrangement with their ‘outdoor patio furniture. Sometimes when people want to casually have a drink less is more. Just having a bit of comfortable seating is all many people want after they have had a hard day at work and want to just let themselves unwind. Many of your customers will fall in this sort of area so be sure that they can do that.

Finally, the name is very important. Names like the Spare Key and the Question Mark stand out. When it comes to a small speak-easy type bar you need to make an impact before they even enter. Once again it all comes back to creating an amazing atmosphere. Every piece works together in order to create an amazing and coherent whole that people enjoy.