Commercial Bike Racks

Bikes at UC Davis campus


A commercial bike rack is the contemporary outdoor furniture to which the commercial bikes can be safely attached for the purpose of parking. The bike racks might be a freely standing entity or these can be attached with the ground or some kind of stationary object like building. Indoor bike racks are usually used for the personal bike parking while outdoor bike racks are usually seen in commercial areas. General kinds of bike racks include the Serpentine, Inverted U, Grid, Bollard and Decorative. The most secured and effective bike racks are the ones that are able to secure both the wheels and the frame of the bike by using the bike lock.

Commercial bike racks can be manufactured from a number of materials. Weather resistance, durability, functionality and appearance are extremely important factors for the material of the commercial bike rack. The construction materials can be recycled plastic, stainless steel, thermoplastic and steel. Every material has certain advantages and disadvantages and every material is unique in terms of appearance and qualities.

The visibility of the commercial bike racks, enough spacing from the pedestrian traffic and automatic parking, nearness to destinations and weather coverage are all vital elements that determine the usefulness of the commercial bike racks. These elements help increase the application of the bike racks and ensure the bikes are safely parked. Many different kinds of styles are to match the environment. Specific details like tubing diameter, bolt size, length, height and many other things differ with the manufacturer. As far as the commercial bike racks styles are concerned, the manufacturers also offer customized bike racks for catering the needs of the businesses in an exact manner. Commercial bike racks are also useful in managing the space especially when there is little parking for comparatively bigger workplace staff.

How To Have Your Cooking And Your Nice Weather Too

Light blue dining area with sliding glass door

January 27, 2016

A home simply cannot exist without a kitchen. The kitchen represents the heart of the home, whether a house, apartment, condo, or mobile home. People like to spend time in the kitchen because of easy access to nearby food, which draws in other people that want to interact with others. As a result, the kitchen can start to feel crowded and cramped. When using the hot stove, the kitchen can uncomfortably heat up, especially in the summer time. For homes in regions that allow for ample outdoor living, opening the kitchen to the outdoors brings life, light, and air into the home. Combine with contemporary outdoor furniture, and your kitchen can turn into the best place to host a party from.

Open up the indoors to the outdoors with glass-pane barn doors. This creates a focal point where people can move between the spaces, and the elegant doors easily slide apart instead of taking up space that conventional swinging doors do. Glass doors allows light in and outward viewing, and the doors will remain aesthetically pleasing, even after the sun sets. Sliding glass doors and screens take up no additional space, so they effectively increase the home’s square footage. For homes where sliding glass doors would look out of character, consider French doors for classic alluring charm. To accent these French doors, design a special garden feature, such as a trimmed hedge or a fountain, to line up with the view from the inside.

If you do not have the option to work on the doors of your place, why not take a look at the windows? Bifold windows and folding glass wall systems fold up, which allow you to open up the kitchen to allow the breeze and the sun in, especially if you keep potted herbs near the window. Folding windows have minimal frames, making them a great choice for modern and contemporary homes. Additionally, add an outdoor bar right outside the window. From the outside, folding windows provide an ideal spot to create an outdoor bar with pass-through access to the kitchen. Position the outdoor bar under a wide awning to provide some cover from the sun, and rain where applicable.

In a home where you cannot physically work on the doors or windows? Try to think of other ways to add light to an otherwise dark space. In a kitchen or an open-plan space without windows, you will want to add light at the end of the room. Instead of sliding or swinging doors, have doors that fold back accordion-style. Glass doors always make the kitchen and patio feel more spacious and welcoming. Even for small or narrow kitchens, glass doors at the end of a kitchen offer an enticing view of the backyard. When closed, the additional light and view can make the narrow space feel bigger.

Able to go big? If you have a larger budget and more control over the home, go big by opening up some walls of the home. As an extreme, open up an entire side of the home near the kitchen.  Glass doors can fold away to the side, or can roll up into the ceiling like a garage door. Do not forget the curtains in case you want to close up the space later on. Additionally, roll-up doors can fold up too, like airplane hangar doors. Fancy homes even have roofs over the kitchen that completely retract, kind of like a sports arena or stadium. This places the kitchen in a spot where it can completely have the sunlight, while functioning as an indoor kitchen when needed.

Optimize Your Indoor-Outdoor Flow to Improve Party Space

Wooden table and chairs on open terrace in modern villa house

January 4, 2016

When hosting a house party, a host should never neglect the outdoor space. As long as the weather permits, the outdoor space adds a significant amount of space where guests can roam and hang out around. Between the front yard, indoors, and back yard, each space can practically represent its own unique party. However, the path between each space usually has doors in the way, representing bottlenecks that can cram up space. Hosts would always love to double or triple the size of the house to accommodate more people or at least make it more comfortable for them to enjoy the increased space. However, having too much space means more to clean up, and hosts would prefer to have a nice cozy home to live in between parties. Crafty hosts should optimize indoor-outdoor space for function and efficiency.

Outdoor spaces adjacent to your primary entertaining rooms add value to your home and provide more space for people to move around in. Thus you will want to design these spaces well to make it easier for guests to move around in. Using both the indoors and outdoors does not necessarily innovate, but having an open-floor plan creates more space to entertain and allow your guests to feel more comfortable. For example, furniture arranged around a perimeter instead of in the middle of a yard opens the space up for guests to roam. A larger opening to the outdoors than just sliding doors invites guests to venture outside to take advantage of the outdoor space. Especially with the back yard, a bigger opening can turn into a great investment that not only adds great value to your home, but allures guests to check out the back yard. Large pocket or accordion doors can clear space while creating a visual barrier. Simply opening these doors can instantly double your space.

When planning the design of the outdoor space, plan it as you would indoor space because you want an outdoor space that you would want to spend as much time in as the indoor space. If the land and space allow for it, plan your space under a patio roof. A covered outdoor area doubles as an outside room without ignoring the outdoors. As an additional room, you will not want to obstruct it physically or visually. Try to keep the spaces on the same level to make the outdoor space flow into the home. If you cannot achieve this due to the house’s build or the land, make sure the steps can accommodate multiple people. Otherwise, consider matching flooring material between the inside and outside. For example, use the same tile material for the outside floor and the floor or the room that it connects to. If the outdoor space has a view, arrange your contemporary outdoor furniture and indoor furniture to take advantage of the view. Orient the indoor furniture to look outside through the adjacent outdoor space. As long as you optimize your house for space, your home will have more value based on its function than aesthetics. An efficient design does not cost any more to construct than stylish design, but it feels so much better to live in.

Enjoy the Outdoors by Watching Sports in the Patio


November 23, 2015

At any point throughout the year, a professional sports league has a season under way. Between the big three American sports of baseball, basketball, and American football, anyone can always find a sports game or sports news program on the television set. While attending actual games provides an immersive fan experience, most sports look just as good on television, as they capture the best shots from multiple angles. For those who live in areas with a mild outdoor climate that can allow for a television outside, they get to enjoy the sports games while lounging on the patio furniture, enjoying food by the pool, or entertaining outdoors.

Homes in warmer climates will certainly have more options as far as outdoor entertaining goes. If the patio can contain it, a television can fit right in to the patio. The room that lets out to the patio should come with windows that open up to provide a more open feel to the home. If your backyard has a decently sized lawn, take advantage by setting up outdoor furniture on the grass, or set a towel or mat down and have a seat right on the grass. Even during the winter, most of these options remain a solid choice for outdoor entertaining. Areas with wetter weather will want to take advantage of the patio space to stay dry.

Bring the feel of a sports bar right to your home by turning your patio into an outdoor bar. If the kitchen sits right next to the backyard, use the kitchen’s window as a serving station. A bar counter, bar stools, and multiple screens all lend towards a great venue for watching sports. Homes with a swimming pool can even allow people to enjoy the games while taking a dip. When the weather starts to drop, a pool heater will keep swimmers warm, while a fire pit can maintain heat for those above the water.

Having transparency not only makes a space appear larger, but also allows people to potentially see the television from further away. Large glass doors would allow people outdoors to view a large-screen television indoors, and vice versa. Glass doors also allow the adjacent room to seamlessly blend in to the patio. To display a screen to more space, use a projector screen. Some upscale homes may have the screen built in to the home and can scroll from the ceiling or wall. For homes without this feature, a portable projector screen from an office supplies store will suffice. Homes with a large blank wall can even function as the screen itself. Lastly, to save money while enjoying the outdoors, opt for simply a projector and a small screen to set up outside.

Entertain Swimmers with a Swim-up Bar Counter

October 2, 2015

When lounging in a swimming pool under a hot sun, people often contemplate relaxing with a nice cold drink in hand. Some hotels and resorts have poolside service where servers bring drinks directly to people in the swimming pool. At most other places, getting a drink while in the pool would require someone to either emerge from the pool to approach the bar, or deliver an item from the bar to the pool. Spare this inconvenience by having a bar counter right at the pool that people can swim up to. Counters between the pool and kitchen, pavilions with televisions, and cabins with a swim-up deck make swimming more fun and social. When constructing a pool, consider the placement and factors that can allow the construction of a counter near the pool.

There are many factors to installing a counter, such as height from both sides of the counter surface, the space between submerged stools, and the wall surface below the counter because it should be smooth to prevent knee scraping. Underwater seats must be planned since a portable one usually is not suited for a pool’s surface, and may scratch the surface. Something as simple as a column seat with a pool ledge overhang will work as a counter. The location of the counter matters too, because if it is in the sun, the counter can get very hot. Using porous material for the paving, such as travertine, can reduce the temperature of the surface. Alternatively, have the pool be adjacent to an outdoor kitchen to allow swimmers to enjoy food while still partially submerged in the pool. Always remember never to have glassware around the pool, because broken glass in the pool is extremely difficult to detect.

Poolside pavilions offer an alternative method to enjoying the luxury of a swimming pool while also enjoying shade, extra outdoor furniture to place your food or drinks on, or even other forms of entertainment, such as an outdoor television. This allows the best of both worlds because people in the pool have direct access to the pavilion while people not dressed for a dip can lounge under the pavilion. An alternative to a pavilion is to have the pool go directly up to the house. Some homes right next to a lake or pond already have this function, as swimmers can emerged from the water directly indoors. Remember to have some floor mats, towels, or another method to dry off to avoid getting the home’s interior dirty.

Turn Your Kitchen Window Into An Outdoor Bar

nice patio at a home in the woods

August 17, 2015

Those who love outdoor entertaining understand the significance of an easy transition from the kitchen to the patio. However, most people have to live with what the house provides because of lack of space or resources to add a door or window in the kitchen. A handful of options exist to allow you to adapt to your house and patio to enable easier outdoor entertaining. From adding a counter on the patio side of a window that faces the patio to installing a patio bar counter, having an outdoor bar makes lounging in the patio much more relaxing.

A Counter Through A Window

A counter that extends from the kitchen to the patio via a window creates a serving bar that allows you to head outside for a snack or meal. By simply extending the kitchen’s countertop all the way to the window, you can not only use it to easily transfer things, but using the same design as the countertop makes the home look more pleasing. As for the window, a sliding bi-fold window gives plenty of space, but if a bi-fold window cannot fit, pull-up or swinging windows work too. Some designers get crafty with their windows and add themes, such as a window that slides up like a garage door or antique-themed windows that swing open.

Open The Kitchen To The Patio

A home’s heart resides in the kitchen, so making it more accessible to the rest of the house creates a more homely feeling. If you live in an area with a friendly climate, consider adding some air, natural light, and outdoor entertaining to your kitchen. If the windows have security bars or a screen on the outside, consider having the ability to remove them or move them aside to allow a fully opened window. Glass doors to the patio also allow more natural light into the kitchen. Some houses have the space to allow sliding glass doors, either as a single sliding door or as dual sliding doors.


Can you picture a kitchen without a barstool? Nearly every house has some form of barstool, as it adds variety to a home’s appearance. They allow friends and family to bring their presence to the kitchen or counter. A barstool comes in varying heights: counter, bar, and spectator/stadium. Counter stools measure up to a standard counter of three feet, so these stools sit about two feet high. Bar stools sit about two and a half feet for higher counters. Spectator/stadium stools sit the highest, with the seat at three feet high. All stools may come with additional features, such as a swiveling seat, adjustable height, a backrest, padded/cushioned seats, or footrests. Whether in the kitchen or in the patio, barstools will add flair to any home.

The Communal Firepit Style

Patio furniture pool side lit up at night

A new style is sweeping the outdoor cooking and furniture worlds. The “communal grill” is a massive and really fun party piece for anyone who can afford it. Most of these follow the fire pit style when they are being designed so they are often sold under that label. This particular style of cooking has a rich history that we are celebrating today. Aside from that it’s also really fun to use and cool. So if you have the money then you may want to look into one of these.

While it has all these good points it is not for those without the money to supply it. Allowing multiple people to grill at once costs more fuel and has a higher initial cost than many other pieces. So you need to have quite a bit of money saved up in order to buy a piece like this. If you do not have it then you may want to go with a smaller setup before going into this.

Fire Pit Tables in this style are nothing new in certain parts of the world. The original idea for things like this came from some cooking practices in Japan and China. Having people tend to the food over the fire in turns was something that many of them had to do in some much older times. However today we can create one where everyone can cook their own food for fun, instead of out of necessity.

So who is this best for? Reasonable adults, with the keyword being reasonable. No one wants to bump into someone lese while grilling or even burn themselves. Having this around kids is a big mistake because it’s just asking for one of them to get burned when they fumble something. So it has a very specific audience, those who can handle a fire without injuring anyone. That may not sound specific at first but it really is.

The larger models come with a two-story setting where you can grill different items at different levels. This also requires people who can handle flaming outdoor furniture with care. However for those with the maturity and manual coordination to work with this it really can create an atmosphere which cannot be matched in any other setting. There is just something about eating food which you cooked and it being grilled to the exact level which you were looking for.

You also need an area to eat in when everything is done. That’s why the most expensive models also comes with a wooden eating area for people to enjoy right after they are done. However ones like this are around three thousand dollars. Whew. For those without that sheer amount of spending money you may want to look at something a little cheaper.

For those with it this can also be an incredible status symbol. If you are looking to make an impression on a boss or useful friend then take a crack at this incredible piece of outdoor furniture. At the very least it should burn a memory into their minds.

The Lodge and Rolle Bolle

The Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen“The Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen” is a big mouthful for most people. But that’s what makes them so interesting. They’re going big and really drawing the attention of everyone in the surrounding area as well. Going big is the name of the game here, just like the Sasquatch they are named after. So what are they doing to set everything apart? More, because sometimes more really is more and we’ll explain why that is for you today.

Thirty televisions, arcade games, billiards and darts dot the entire area. A massive dining area can fit 500 customers in so that everyone can eat their fill. Drinks and dishes are large as well for a crowd that wants to eat more rather than less. Professional chefs insure that each dish is delicious as well. It’s an amazing setup for everyone who visits.

Aside from having an amazing cooking staff they also have a court for playing “Rolle Bolle” and other games. While certainly not normal for any bar we are seeing many different bars like this add in some unconventional sections.

Going big also applies to style. A fireplace graces the exterior in addition to the interesting playing areas. Frills are something that restaurants and bars have always needed. However the ante continues to rise on these since architects and builders are so efficient on the upper end. You really can create whatever setting you dreamed of and actually afford it in the long run. It is an amazing age for any designer.

Along with the unusual offerings they also have the contemporary outdoor furniture you would expect from a modern lodge. But it has more of a sports-bar feel than you would expect from an area with so many impressive installations. Despite this there is no upper-class, elitist atmosphere which other restaurants use to great effect.

When dealing with customers who want to kick back and relax with big drinks having an air of elitism is a mistake. As we always say you need to plan for your guests or even the best design choices won’t work for you. Be sure to play to your audience at all times.

Part of what allowed them to create such an amazing setting was that they already had a framework laid out from the original owners. The Sail Inn was the original building and it was maintained well over many years. However the owners moved on leaving an absolutely amazing setup for those who wanted to buy it. If you are looking to save money on all of this then you should look into buying an unused building as well.

At the same time they still had a large amount of renovation to do when they got there. The costs came to less than rebuilding everything from scratch but still a large amount. When you have to do this as well you should realize that it’s an investment. Without creating an area where you can amaze customers you will never be able to stay in business. Their reconstruction


How the Roof at South Park Impresses NY Customers

The Roof at South ParkThe Roof at South Park doesn’t sound like very much. There are a great many rooftop bars all over the world. So how do you stand out when the bar type you own has become passé in the modern age? By taking the style up way above the competition and keeping that same dazzle in the overall scene. Comfort and care are taken to the extreme in order to make sure everyone has a great time at the bar or enjoying a bit of food as well.

A spectacular view is just one of many frills and thrills that they offer there. All of this takes place in a small area which helps the experience feel more personal. We don’t discuss this very often but having a very small or large area for your bar can be a drawing point in either direction. It does really matter which way you go but you should take it to extremes.

Outdoor Bar Stools have an ultramodern touch, as does everything else. Shelters hang over the outdoor sections of the roof where people will be enjoying themselves. You may want to stray from this though as so many bars are now using it that it could become passé.

Having a set manager for every single aspect of the bar was important as well. They of course wanted one architect and lead designer but they went further. They have what they call a “Beverage Director” and the normal head chef. Splitting everything up into manageable jobs with expert leaders is another small factor that separates a great establishment from the best ones in the entire world. Safety is of course also managed expertly here as well.

Bartenders are a part of the outdoor bar experience as well. Their mixing is expertly done and puts on a bit more spectacle on the area. If you have employees skilled enough to put on a show in your own establishment this can really add value to the overall experience. It draws in tourists and increases tips as well. It’s all really great for adding that little extra bit of polish to your own outdoor bar. Look into training for some workers if you can.

Additional polish also applies to every other aspect of the business as well. Even their website is a work of art as well. It smacks of effort which can be a double-edged sword. It’s best to make things look effortless but better to look like you are trying to hard rather than having a dingy product. It’s a tough balance to find both in bar furniture design and management.

All of this costs a very large amount of money for the patrons. Small drinks are around $3 because it’s such a ritzy area with a great view. While this doesn’t work for everyone it’s a great thing for the owners as they can continue to upgrade the venue. When you reach the top in every area you will need to raise prices at some point. It’s just how things work. We hope that you can do the same someday with your own bar.


Looking at the Charm of Alta Linea

Alta Linea Outdoor ImageAlta Linea is known for being one of the most amazing and casual outdoor bars in America. We want to take a look at what they have done correctly and what we can learn from all of this as well. It all centers on creating a new sort of look that draws people in. This is what you need to do if you want to become one of the greatest bars in your country. Getting all of that together can be confusing at first glance though.

Serving stations are fully decorated and equipped to a modern, professional standard. This shows that even if you want comfort for guests you want the same amount of professionalism from each of your workers. They also need to be equipped with the best items they can possibly use as well. Parallel styles, sometimes even having a different look from inside to outside, is one of the key factors in improving your setting every year.

Here the drinks are served a bit before dinner, or perhaps at lunch, in the traditional Italian style. Timing the delivery of your dishes can actually be quite important. Be sure that you time your dishes in a manner that your patrons will enjoy. This can actually help them appreciate the decoration you’ve done more because their minds are at ease. Intricate aspects like this are something all of the best business owners master.

Taking things a little less seriously is important here as well. Whites, light browns and other airy colors are complimented by dishes which go down easy. It’s important to relax and not take things so seriously in design as with serving. Drinks have a similar tone with fruity hints in many of these concoctions. Everything works towards a coherent whole and theme which really amazes each patron when they come in.

Patio Furniture has a modern but understated look. Wood and nice finishes are a big part of the arrangement as well. People want to feel comfortable at an outdoor bar and that is the look they were going for. Cushions cover many different sections of the seating area, helping people lounge back and relax.

Polish and maintenance are other huge parts of this establishment. A large staff keeps everything in great shape even when people may get a bit rowdy. However they don’t have the sort of patrons who would go around breaking anything so that’s an added advantage for them. At the very least you should always have enough staff to make sure everything is clean.

Reservations are also useful for those who want to get in and enjoy themselves as well. When you are seeing this much demand you may have some trouble getting in. It’s only natural when this happens and you actually want it to as a business owner as well. Despite what some people will tell you there is a level of healthy elitism that is necessary if you really want everyone in your city to take notice of your outdoor bar.